Since 2009, GRAUFORZ has been providing steel, steel profiles and steel sheets to an important part of the industry thanks to its great, highly experienced team of collaborators, allowing it to become the Mexican company specializing in steel products.


Our products are the result of a corporate focus on meeting the needs of the global market in the purchase, sale and distribution of steel products.


At GRAUFORZ, we consider our customers and business partners to be a fundamental part in all our processes, which is why our service efficiency focuses on short delivery times and customer service.


Our philosophy requires us to be a socially and environmentally responsible company with sustainability as our line of action. We are committed to people and the environment.

Perfil G™

Perfil G™ is GRAUFORZ’s flagship brand, since it embodies the quality and strength that distinguishes our company’s studs, tracks and load rails.

Flat galvanized roll or sheets

Our flat and corrugated sheets are very important products in our GRAUFORZ catalog; their endurance and strength distinguish our steel sheets from the rest.